2 of North Carolina’s Most Popular Cities for Retirees



North Carolina is home to two of the nation’s top destinations for retirees, according to a new report.

Charlotte and Cary rank in the top 10 on a list of cities attracting people aged 60 and over, according to results released last month on personal finance website SmartAsset.

Of all the states, North Carolina was named the third most popular for people nearing retirement age. Statewide, more than 19,000 seniors were added to the state’s population in 2019, according to the results.

To determine rankings, SmartAsset said it census data reviewed for states and 177 of the largest US cities. Figures are from 2019, the most recent year available.

For each location, analysts compared the number of people aged 60 or older who have moved in to identify population trends, according to SmartAsset.

Of all the cities in North Carolina, Charlotte took the highest spot at No.6.

“About 2,500 seniors have moved from town to another state while just over 3,700 have moved in,” SmartAsset said in its report. “In total, the net migration of seniors to Charlotte in 2019 was 1,290.”

Cary, just west of Raleigh, was not far from the No.8 standings.

“Cary has a relatively affordable cost of living and a temperate climate, attracting over 1,050 retirees to relocate there in 2019,” SmartAsset said.

However, Charlotte and Cary have missed other recent retirement listings.

In August, a Forbes list named Asheville, Raleigh and Winston-Salem among the best places in the country to retire.

That same month, no city in North Carolina topped a nationwide SmartAsset list of places offering healthcare, safety, and other factors that make them desirable for the elderly, reported McClatchy News.

Still, data shows people are flocking to the state.

In SmartAsset’s most recent retirement rankings, the other North Carolina cities in the top 25 were Fayetteville at No. 13; Greensboro at # 23; and Raleigh at # 25.

Raleigh fell from a No.7 spot on the list last year, when the city’s net migration of the elderly was around 1,200. This time around, Raleigh added 584 people in that age group, according to the results.

Greensboro also came down on the list after taking a No.13 spot last year, McClatchy News reported.

Overall, the most popular place in the country for retirees was Mesa, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix. Of all the states, Florida was the top relocation destination for seniors, according to SmartAsset.

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