Accurate weather: rain outflows on the south side, milder ahead


We have a tracking system to our south which is bringing rain to much of North Carolina. Some of that creeps north into parts of Southside.

A few light showers could pass in areas near the Highway 460 corridor this morning but the bulk of the rain will remain over our south.

As we move into the afternoon rain to the south will push east allowing clearing to take place. From the middle to the end of the day, we will have sun in the region.

In the afternoon we will also notice the winds picking up a bit – in the 10-15 mph range for most of us.

High temperatures will range from the 40s in the mountains to the 50s further east.

Tonight we will have clear skies over the entire region. Winds will lessen and colder temperatures set in as lows drop back into the 20s and below 30s.

Next week promises to be drier with good sunshine.

No weather problems at all on Monday with highs in the mid to upper 40s in the mountains to the mid – maybe a few upper 50s east of Blue Ridge.

We might get a few more clouds during the day on Tuesday, but still looking dry, although a trough is coming to the area. Temperatures will also be a little milder as highs climb into the lower and mid 50s in the mountains to the lower and mid 60s farther east.

Wednesday promises to be sunny, although a few clouds will again be possible on Thursday. Both days are shaping up to be dry and spring-like as the highs reach the upper 50s to near 60s in the mountains. Further east, we are looking for highs in the 60s or even near 70s.

Friday looks a little cooler with a mix of cloud and sun with highs in the 50s to near 60s.

So the further south you go today, the greater the chance of showers, especially if you’re traveling to North Carolina. So make sure you have the umbrella for the areas south of Route 58.

Enjoy the day!

Gary Boyer


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