Affordable North Carolina Cities Where You Can Earn Six Figures


A new study from How To Home analyzed data from the US Bureau of Statistics and the US Bureau of Economic Analysis to determine the ranking.

CHARLOTTE, NC — When it comes to high earning potential, the Queen City has a lot of potential.

A new study by How To Home analyzed employment and occupational wage statistics from the US Bureau of Statistics and regional price parity data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis to determine the ranking.

Charlotte came in second when it comes to affordable major US metropolitan areas with the most six-figure jobs. Raleigh, however, took first place.

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The study showed that the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia area, which has more than 1.2 million employed residents, had 11.7% of its residents earning at least $100,000 a year. In fact, the average salary for a local resident earning over $100,000 is $124,459.

The cost of living in this region is about 5.4% lower than the national average.

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When it comes to medium-sized metropolitan areas, another city in North Carolina came out on top. Durham-Chapel Hill had 15.3% of its residents earning more than $100,000 a year. The total number of Durham-Chapel Hill residents earning over $100,000 is 47,650. The average salary for this group is $129,053.

The study found that Coast Statistics has some of the largest concentrations of employees earning six figures, including North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, California and Washington State. .

The analysis revealed that the most lucrative jobs in these affordable cities are:

  • Software developers
  • Financial managers
  • Lawyers
  • Managers
  • IT and information systems managers
  • Commercial Directors
  • Heads of medical and health services
  • Pharmacists
  • Marketing Managers
  • Nurse practitioners

In summary, those who want to earn more should lean heavily on pursuing a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

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