Allergy sufferers could face high pollen levels this week with warm weather forecast


GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – On paper, the weather is looking good this week. But for allergy sufferers, going out can be a real headache.

Spring can be a headache for drivers who have pollen all over their cars in eastern North Carolina. ‘Perfect Shine, Every Time’ car wash owner Eric Bailey says he’s seen customers repeatedly stop at his business.

“We’ve had two customers come in and as soon as the pollen comes back, we’ll wash it for them,” Bailey said.

Although COVID-19 cases are down, it’s sometimes hard to tell if people are coughing from the virus or from allergies. It is important to note that one of the common symptoms of allergies is itchy throat, eyes and mouth. It is not a symptom of COVID-19.

But why do so many people still have allergic reactions? WITN meteorologist Phillip Williams says: “We have the visible pollen, then we have smaller particles that we can’t see. Yesterday we had 91 grains per cubic meter.

According to Williams, the areas with the highest pollen count will be on trees and grassy areas over the next few days.

“If we have a good downpour it will help wash off a good percentage of the pollen, but right now I don’t see a good rain shower coming any time soon,” Williams said.

East Carolina’s next chance for rain is Thursday. Many parts of our region could see a few scattered thunderstorms, but not enough rain to reduce pollen counts.

The pollen season generally peaks in April and May.

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