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CHARLOTTE, NC – It was another frustrating weekend for passengers after American Airlines canceled dozens of flights at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and hundreds across the country.

American canceled 342 flights on Friday and 460 flights on Saturday. This represents 17% of its flight program.

The airline has already canceled 285 flights for Sunday.

Journalist Joe Bruno was at the airport on Friday evening and spoke to several people who were upset by the cancellations. Between Friday evening and Saturday morning, Bruno indicated that at least 18 arrivals and 11 departures had been canceled at Charlotte Douglas.

As of Saturday morning, 14 flights were canceled at Charlotte Douglas at one point.

“I just found out that my flight has been canceled. He was due to leave at 5:50 am and we don’t know if we will be able to go out tonight, ”said passenger Eric Capron.

Capron was waiting in a long line and said he and his wife were trying to get to Omaha, Nebraska. Stories like his could be heard throughout the airport on Saturday.

“We were waiting to get on the plane and then they said the flight was canceled,” said passenger Kevin McDonald.

American Airlines sent a letter to employees stating that the weather was primarily to blame for the cancellations.

The airline said it was working to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Dallas-Fort Worth experienced high winds this week, causing cancellations at this airport. Other weather factors in the country also contributed to the problem and, in turn, triggered cancellations elsewhere.

AA has adjusted its operations over the past few days by “proactively canceling” some flights to “minimize any convenience as much as possible,” officials said.

“I don’t understand why it’s canceled. Heard they don’t have enough staff. Well you sold me a product, I paid for it, now it’s your job to get me there, ”said passenger Van Johnson.

The airline said in November it was recalling 1,800 employees and that in December 600 new hires are also expected to begin.

American Airlines said most of the passengers affected over the weekend were booked on the same day.

“We plan to get through this brief period of irregular operations quickly with the start of a new month,” the letter said.

“They are starting to book flights, but now I won’t be leaving until Monday, November 1 at 2:48 p.m.,” Capron said.

Channel 9 has contacted the Union of American Flight Attendants and they agree that trying to come back from a pandemic is difficult and that is why there will be days like this.

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The Flight Attendants Association told Channel 9 that there was no strike going on, so the delays were not due to this.

Charlotte Airport officials told Channel 9 that AA’s first information was that some initial delays were due to inclement weather.

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