An interactive map shows where sea fishing rules apply

Screenshot of the Common North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission Rules app, a new interactive tool.

A new interactive mapping tool is now available for the public to see where sea fishing rules are in effect in North Carolina waters.

The state Division of Marine Fisheries has launched the Common North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission Rules app to replace older static maps and is useful for commercial and recreational fishers, the division announced Monday.

Here are some of the areas included in the interactive maps:

  • Anadromous fish spawning grounds.
  • Delimitations of coastal, common and inland fishing waters.
  • Crab spawning sanctuaries.
  • Designated potty areas.
  • Fish nursery areas.
  • Areas frequented by gillnets.
  • ITP management areas.
  • Mechanical clam harvesting areas.
  • Military Danger Zones and Restricted Areas.
  • Sea turtle sanctuaries.
  • Striped bass management areas.
  • Areas prohibited for shrimp trawling.
  • No-trawl areas.

User can overlay maps and zoom in and out on specific bodies of water, measure by distance and area, and find latitude and longitude. Maps can be viewed and printed from a computer screen or viewed on a smartphone.

The Common Rules app is the latest interactive marine fisheries mapping tool that can be found on a geospatial hub on the division’s website. The Geospatial Hub is a one-stop webpage where the public can access all publicly available Marine Fisheries Division interactive maps, including:

  • Artificial reef Interactive map.
  • North Carolina weigh stations and carcass collection locations.
  • Seashell rental tool.
  • Seashell Sanitation Temporary Closed Public Viewer.

The interactive maps and geospatial hub are part of the Marine Fisheries Division’s ongoing efforts to make fisheries information more accessible to the public, officials said.


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