Cool weather tourism


EMERALD ISLE, NC — Cooler weather is a welcome relief this week from the summer heat and humidity, but it’s definitely slowing the pace at the North Carolina coastal beach.

What do you want to know

Surf shops on the coast still see visitors, despite cooler weather

Customers will soon start looking for sweatshirts instead of swimwear

When school starts, crowds shift from tourists to local residents

Pat Lister has only been with the South Swell Surf Shop for a month, but has been a fan and customer for a long time.

“It’s kind of hard to go anywhere to a restaurant or something without seeing our hats or our t-shirts,” Lister said. “So it’s cool that people are proud of it.”

During the summer, this shop is popular with visitors exploring the area, shopping for souvenirs or renting a surfboard. However, the cooler weather means not everyone is looking to jump in the water.

” It is a bit early [for cool weather] especially considering that last week we were in the 90s, Lister said. “So it took us a bit by surprise, but we appreciate it. It’s always a nice break when you can get out of that wet phase.

Although the tourist season is not over yet, Lister says there is definitely a drop in visitor numbers as the first day of school approaches.

“It’s the stage that we always consider the local summer,” said Lister, who grew up near Emerald Isle. “So if you don’t have to worry about getting the kids back to school, getting back to training and getting that mindset back at the end of the summer, now is the perfect time to come. here. Because all businesses are still open, but just enjoying a little break, and there won’t be so many people.

Lister says when the temperature changes, the biggest change they see is what they sell. Instead of bathing suits and shorts, customers come for sweatshirts and beanies.

“Whether it’s 90 degrees and sunny or 70 degrees and cloudy…we always have people coming in and enjoying shopping with us.”

Lister says if you don’t mind a bit of rain, now is the perfect time to get out on the coast. The crowds start to thin out as the kids return to school, and the cooler weather allows people to enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle that comes with beach life.


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