Cooper and Stein File Amicus Brief in North Carolina Supreme Court Regarding Congressional Lawsuits


(Kristopher Radder / The Brattleboro Reformer via AP)

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – Gov. Roy Cooper (R) and Attorney General Josh Stein (D) filed an amicus brief in the North Carolina Supreme Court on Monday that urges the court to hear and rule quickly on two cases involving new electoral maps. .

The complainants in both cases, North Carolina Conservation Voters’ League v Hall and Harper vs. Hall, say the districts drawn on the maps are unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders.

The cards were approved by Republicans at the General Assembly in November.

Cooper and Stein said they wanted an expedited review of the cases to “ensure that the 2022 North Carolina election is based on fair cards that represent the will of the people.”

“Voters are being robbed of their votes by technologically evil and unconstitutionally partisan ridings,” Cooper said. “For the health of our democracy, the Supreme Court should hear this challenge quickly and thoroughly.”

The brief says the Supreme Court should deal with the case expeditiously as it presents “problems of profound legal significance, and a delay in deciding the case could cause substantial prejudice if elections were allowed to take place. take place in unconstitutional constituencies “.

The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters lawsuit seeks to have the cards thrown, arguing that Republicans had illegally gerrymandered them to give the party a significant advantage by winning most seats in the General Assembly and the House of States- United.

The NCLCV wants judges to declare the cards unconstitutional and come up with alternative cards to use instead.

Republicans have denied using partisan data to draw the maps.

“While they may not have looked at the partisan data in the room, someone was looking at the partisan data outside of that room. And those Republican map designers had a clear indication of what they were doing from a partisan perspective, ”said Scott Falmlen, co-founder of Nexus Strategies and former executive director of the state’s Democratic Party. “The Republican members have chosen their constituents and they have not drawn cards that allow voters to choose who their representatives are.”

Same day filing by the North Carolina Court of Apparels application delayed indefinitely in the U.S. House, State House, and Senate races for 2022.

The Court of Appeals ordered Republican lawmakers to file a response by noon Thursday. The court said a decision would be made either after they were filed or after the deadline if there was no response.

The judges rejected last week requests in redistribution proceedings aimed at delaying the primary date and therefore the filing of candidacies.


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