Dolphins vs Buccaneers 2021 TV coverage map for week 5



The Miami Dolphins travel through Florida this weekend to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Miami struggled to open the 2021 season, losing three of its first four games and appearing lost on offense for much of the year. The Buccaneers are coming out of their 2020 Super Bowl championship season, with, by and large, the same roster as last year.

Tampa Bay hasn’t looked as dominant as it did last year, but it’s still a dangerous team, especially for a Dolphins team that needs to prove itself. The Dolphins only opened the playbook and took some deep shots late in the game for the past two weeks. Miami can’t afford to come out flat at the start of this game, so think they’ll activate it at the end and make another comeback attempt.

This game is going to be seen by a larger part of the country than recent games involving dolphins. The Tampa Bay effect pushes this game outside of local markets, as we’ve seen for the last few Miami games, and it lands in Miami with the best broadcast squad for the weekend.

CBS will broadcast Dolphins at Buccaneers games across most of Florida except Jacksonville, Tallahassee and the western end of the enclave that falls into the mobile market. Outside of Florida, the game will air in parts of Alabama, Georgia, most of South Carolina and along the North Carolina coast. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, most of New Jersey, and most of New York will also receive this game. Markets in Indianapolis and Evansville, Indiana, via Louisville, Kentucky will also enter the contest.

Going west, most of Arkansas, half of Missouri, all of Kansas, most of Nebraska, all of South Dakota, half of North Dakota, and most of Montana will enter this contest. Idahos south of the enclave will get the game, as will the sick parts of Oregon and Wyoming. Almost all of Arizona and New Mexico will also get the Dolphins at Buccaneers, while small sections of Oklahoma and the northern parts of the Texas enclave will head to Wichita Falls, as well as El Paso, will see the match.

Alaska and Hawaii will also broadcast this contest.

For the broadcast, CBS asked Jim Nantes and Tony Romo to call up the game.

You can check out CBS’s broadcast map for early games here. The card is via

Dolphins at Buccaneers in red



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