Dr Oz mocks as he botches Pennsylvania map: ‘Maybe he’s just confused’


Mehmet Oz, the Republican Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, appeared to erroneously say the state is on the Atlantic coast during an appearance on the Fox News show hosted by Sean Hannity.

Although Pennsylvania borders the Delaware River, which leads to Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, it’s not really a coastal state.

Dr. Oz is in a competitive race against Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman to replace incumbent Republican Senator Pat Toomey in Keystone State.

“Pennsylvania is too big,” Dr. Oz told Mr. Hannity. “It’s important, we don’t have a Republican senator north of North Carolina on the Atlantic coast until you get to Maine if I don’t take that seat. And there was a Republican senator in Pennsylvania most of my life. I’m going to keep one here too.

The last time Pennsylvania was represented by two Democratic senators was in 2009, when Republican Arlen Specter switched parties. Mr Specter went on to lose the Democratic primary, with winning candidate Navy Admiral Joe Sestak losing to Mr Toomey midterm in 2010.

Democrat Bob Casey has represented Pennsylvania in the Senate since 2007.

Before Mr. Specter switched parties, the last time Pennsylvania had two Democratic senators was between 1945 and 1947.

Twitter users were quick to mock Dr. Oz for his geographic failing, noting that he has lived in New Jersey, a true coastal state, for decades, and only recently moved to New Jersey. Pennsylvania to run for the Senate.

Mr. Fetterman castigated Dr. Oz, accusing him of being a baggage handler.

“Maybe he’s just confused since New Jersey is on the coast and that’s the state he actually lives in,” a Twitter user tweeted. says the user.

“Maybe Oz thinks the Delaware River is the Atlantic Ocean?” another one asked.

“If you want to be a senator on the east coast you should have stayed in New Jersey, get a card please,” said one said the third.

“Hey ‘doc’, your house in New Jersey might be on the water, but PA doesn’t have a shoreline last time I checked,” an account holder added.

“Dude. It’s Joisey Shore. Not Pennsylvanian Shore,” a said the Twitter user.

“In fairness to Oz, he thinks of NJ, where he actually lives,” another added.

Douglas Charles said Dr. Oz’s comments were “what the [people] of New Jersey say”.

“Dr. Oz still thinks he lives in New Jersey. He doesn’t know he’s going to ‘back down’ very soon,” Grant Stern added.

“Make no mistake, Mehmet Oz lives in a coastal state…it’s just not Pennsylvania,” said Watchdog Media Matters research director Craig Harrington. said. “He owns a dozen houses all over the country. People that rich don’t “move” anywhere. A decent lineup would be Mitt Romney, who lived almost exclusively in Massachusetts and California before running for office in Utah, but he at least had ties to Utah.


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