Emerging Technology Enables Underserved Student Population to Access College Mental Health Support


from Maryland largest HBCU connects students and therapists

BALTIMORE, October 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — If 95% of college students surveyed believe their mental health has been negatively affected in the past year, why are only 1 in 3 BIPOC Americans getting the help they need? This question begins to provide insight into the struggles faced by many young adults from diverse backgrounds who do not receive the mental health support they need. “Economic mobility opportunities will only be possible if we provide the guidance and support that is a major factor in ensuring student success,” said Dr. Aisha FrancoisPresident of Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, a private institution with 74% students of color. To reduce stigma and increase accessibility surrounding mental health, many institutions are turning to scalable technologies designed to help their current on-campus counseling centers provide inclusive, flexible, and equitable health resources and support. mental.

Morgan State University is one of several schools to launch a solution that gives students immediate access to licensed therapists based on needs and preferences, including gender and ethnicity. “As the largest HBCU in Maryland, we are committed to expanding the promise and opportunity of higher education to a multiethnic, multiracial, and multinational student body. This means prioritizing mental health and well-being so that our students can continue their academic success,” said Dr. Sonya ClyburnDirector of Consulting Services at Morgan State University. “Using Uwill’s environment, students can select counselors who match their ethnic, linguistic, or demographic preferences, reflecting our mission to provide students with resources that meet their unique needs.”

“As the leading teletherapy platform in higher education, we seek to provide a personalized approach to telehealth that allows students to get the support they need, when they need it, from a counselor. that they can connect and identify with,” said Michael London, Founder and CEO of Uwill. “Emerging technology like ours helps colleges meet the ongoing challenges students face.”

Uwill aims to break down barriers by providing free and accessible therapy. According to the US Census Bureau, African Americans are about 1.5 times less likely to be covered by health insurance, a noted barrier in accessing therapy.

“Keeping students free has been a priority. No insurance is needed to receive help from Uwill,” London said. “One of the greatest challenges faced by underrepresented populations today is lack of access to sufficient care due to stigma, family disapproval, or lack of opportunity,” said said Councilor Uwill. Stephanie Black Dos Santos“Uwill’s goal of ensuring free therapy for all students with easy and discreet access helps overcome these barriers.”

Ultimately, in order to best support the whole student to succeed in college and beyond, it is essential to build a strong foundation in mental health and provide all students with ample opportunities for learning. get the help they need. “The past eighteen months have exacerbated a national campus mental health crisis that affects both students and faculty,” said Dr. Russell SwaggerPresident of Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe University, a Wisconsin the tribal university has also partnered with Uwill. “Tribal colleges like the LCOOC have felt this pain more intensely than other institutions – so it’s especially important that we meet the academic community where they are and provide access to a diverse group of advisors. The Ecosystem d’Uwill and his vast team of advisors allow us to do just that.”

Morgan State University The partnership with Uwill also includes an immediate and direct crisis connection which has rapidly grown in popularity as it eliminates the common approach of a combination of an initial assessment, phone tree or triage. The solution was designed to extend the capacity of Morgan State advice center and provide more students with the support they need. Using its proprietary technology and team of advisors, Uwill pioneered the first higher education therapist association platform and wellness environment. The solution offers immediate connection to a licensed counselor available based on student preferences, all teletherapy modalities, 24/7/365 crisis connection, wellness scheduling, reporting details and assistance.

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Uwill has become the leading mental health and wellness solution for colleges and students. The most cost-effective way to supplement a college’s mental health offering, Uwill partners with more than 100 institutions, including Boston College, University of MichiganAmerican public university system, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Uwill is also the Teletherapy Teaching Partner for NASPA. For more information visit uwill.com

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