Flood alert: Tropical humidity will bring wet weather to the southeastern United States this week


Wet weather will hit the southeastern United States again this week, according to the latest forecast from AccuWeather.

In the coming days, further heavy rains and flash flooding could occur in Florida and surrounding states.

Weather forecasts have indicated that a tropical storm will no longer hit the region, but tropical humidity will threaten several areas with heavy downpours.

The forecast was released nearly a week after a storm sailed the Gulf Coast on September 7.

The weather system remained stationary over the area, causing a recurrence of heavy rains and thunderstorms in the region on September 8 and 9.

Florida and Georgia were the hardest hit states.

The two-day rain brought several centimeters of rain that reached even over the weekend.

Similar to the previous weather phenomenon, tropical humidity is expected to absorb warm air from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, increasing the amount of precipitation as the system will be able to hold more water.

It will also increase the risk of flash flooding which could occur within minutes or at least an hour, based on recent weather events in the United States.

Meteorologists are warning the public of threats posed by river flooding, reduced visibility, travel disruptions and the potential appearance of waterspouts, a rotating vortex of air and water.

Low-lying areas and settlements near rivers and streams are also at risk of flooding.

The weather forecast comes several days after Hurricane Earl and Hurricane Danielle moved away from the southeast.

Wet weather forecast


AccuWeather Meteorologists on Sunday, Sept. 11 said “widespread precipitation” equivalent to one to two inches of rain is possible from southern Florida to the Louisiana Gulf Coast, as well as northern areas like Pennsylvania.

The wet weather forecast also adds that “the influx of tropical moisture” inland could cause flooding in the mid-Atlantic region.

In particular, more than four inches of rain could fall over northern Florida, Georgia and coastal South Carolina.

Other areas could also receive up to 10 inches of rain.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert reported that beachgoers in Carolina could experience rough surf conditions and strong rip currents through Monday, September 12.

Large waves would also lead to beach erosion or coastal flooding at high tide, as cited by the weather forecasting company.

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Tropical humidity and heavy rains

The potential weather events in this week’s forecast, as well as last week, are caused by a combination of an upper-level low and a frontal boundary that made contact with said tropical humidity from the Gulf of Mexico, according to Weather Fox

Ahead of the ongoing hurricane season since September, the Southeast and its adjacent regions experienced a series of torrential rains.

At the end of August, more than 13 million Americans were placed under flood warnings in the southern United States, including Arkansas, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico, The Guardian reported.

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