Grand Theft Auto Fan Creates Concept GTA 6 Map Based On North Carolina


A Grand Theft Auto fan creates a unique GTA 6 map concept based on cities and landmarks across North Carolina.

While the public is still awaiting the reveal of the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, speculation about the upcoming game is getting more rampant day by day. A fan even took the initiative to create an improbable game, but requiring a lot of effort.Grand Automatic Flight 6 map concept based on North Carolina.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 has been the subject of countless rumors and speculation for almost a decade, not least because it is the sequel to the most commercially successful entertainment product. After a lot of noise, Rockstar has finally confirmed Grand Automatic Flight 6 is in development in February. But six months later, the industry giant has yet to share any concrete details about the project – the game doesn’t even have an official name yet.


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The map made by Reddit user jackie630 is inspired by more than a dozen North Carolina cities, towns and landmarks. Its recognizable inspirations range from the town of Murphy in the west to the island village of Hatteras in the east, which have been renamed “Point Derby” and “Hurricane” respectively. Likewise, in the center of the map is Hornet, inspired by the state’s largest city, Charlotte. Other large urban centers encompassed by this fanatical vision of GTA 6 include Bull City (Durham), Oaksburgh (Raleigh) and Gateway (Greensboro). The author dubbed the concept “North Cackalacky”, referring to North Carolina‘s actual nickname. Overall, the end result is extremely detailed, while the art style could very well pass as an official game asset that promises to set a new creative benchmark for the industry.

It’s also not the first concept of its kind on the East Coast; a few months ago, another series enthusiast designed a game of comparable effort Grand Automatic Flight 6 Florida map concept. Given that a number of previous reports suggested that Vice City could make a comeback in GTA 6a setting at least partially based on Florida still seems more likely than a setting inspired by North Carolina.

That said, the next game might even end up featuring both Sunshine State and North Cakalacky — eventually. Namely, a credible insider report from July claimed that Rockstar plans to add multiple cities to GTA 6 after launch. What’s less clear is whether such large-scale content updates would be restricted to the game’s online mode only, or whether Rockstar would break that precedent set by GTA 5.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is in development.

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