NC: Fayetteville area below Risk Level 2 as forecast calls for severe weather Monday evening


Much of North Carolina’s Cape Fear region, including Fayetteville, is under a Level 2 Hazard Alert for severe weather Monday afternoon and evening, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

Strong winds from thunderstorms and potential hail are the main threats, but it is possible for an isolated tornado to form, especially in the northern part of the region.

It’s all part of a powerful cold front currently moving through the state. As seven days of mild, or occasionally gloomy, weather will follow, with highs likely no higher than 85 for the remainder of the work week.

According to experts, it seems that the oppressive heat of summer has been put on hold, at least temporarily.

Another hot day

A string of powerful low-pressure systems broke the weather’s deadly grip on the Bermuda High. The region is currently forced by another trough while still under a poorer East Coast High.

Later in the day, this trough will move towards the Cape Fear area. The region should prepare for an exceptional flow of humidity in the Carolinas before this border.

Before the start of the afternoon heating, cooler and more stable air arrives from the north. However, as the front approaches, the NWS predicts that most Cape fear the region will experience near-maximum daytime heating, at temperatures of around 90.

It will be at least a week before the region experiences such hot temperatures again.

By late afternoon to early evening, a band of strong storms are expected to form and move southeast across the region. In the southern region, the risk of severe weather decreases after sunset.

Strong winds embedded in the storm line are the primary concern, along with a possibility of hail. However, there is a small possibility that a lone tornado could form given the above dynamics.

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The major development following the passage of the front will be another cooldown in the area. The state will experience much cooler air on Tuesday. This front is however much wetter than the previous one. Tuesday will be mostly cloudy with isolated showers, with highs near 80 in Fayetteville.

Wednesday will continue to be cloudy, maintaining regional daytime highs around the 80s. Another front will move in by Thursday increasing the chance of showers. The 80s will always be the standard for tops.

Weekend Forecast

According to experts, the region will not experience high temperatures. There will be several disturbances moving across the country, and if one of them lands in the Carolinas, it will rain. Otherwise, cloud cover will likely be intermittent, with maximum temperatures in the mid-80s.

Zone of the tropics

Like unfavorable descending air and a thick layer of dust break the waves coming from Africa, there is still silence for now. However, as the weekend system that hit Texas shows, things can happen quickly, The Fayetteville Observer reports.

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