North Carolina Cities Among Most Affordable Places to Live With Good Weather North Carolina


(The Center Square) – Three cities in North Carolina are among the top five most affordable places in the United States to live with good weather, according to real estate data provider PropertyShark.

US cities with populations over 150,000 were analyzed by PropertyShark for housing cost and weather.

Charlotte and Raleigh were the top two choices for homebuyers looking for affordable housing and mild weather all year round, according to Shark Property. Greensboro was also in the top five.

“Charlotte and Raleigh are both among the fastest growing large cities in the country, and their climate and affordability play a critical role in their popularity, PropertyShark said.

PropertyShark selected the top 20 cities where homeowners earning a median income would not spend more than 30% of their income on monthly housing payments. He then looked at how many days a year are clear, how many days reach extreme temperatures, and how rainy and windy the cities are.

Charlotte was selected as the # 1 most affordable city for living in good weather. Charlotte’s housing affordability index in the report was 29%, meaning residents have to budget 29% of their income for a mortgage. The median income in Charlotte is $ 62,817, while the median selling price of a home is $ 298,296.

PropertyShark said the Housing Affordability Index was calculated by taking into account the percentage of median income required for monthly mortgage payments on a home purchased at each city’s median selling price.

Raleigh was second on PropertyShark’s list, but homeowners only need to set aside 21% of their income to cover a mortgage. Analysts said Raleigh was a more economical option than Charlotte. Raleigh’s median income is $ 67,266 and a median selling price of $ 230,250, according to PropertyShark.

When it comes to choosing between the two cities, Charlotte has slightly better time than Raleigh.

Charlotte experienced an average of 63 days a year of temperatures dropping below 32 degrees, while 46 days were above 90 degrees. The city had an average of 109 clear days.

Raleigh experienced an average of 73 days a year of temperatures dropping below 32 degrees, while 44 days were above 90 degrees. He had 111 clear days.

By comparison, according to PropertyShark, Springfield, Missouri, had an average of 100 days a year under 32 degrees among the more affordable cities with good weather. In contrast, San Antonio was the hottest, with 110 days above 90 degrees.

PropertyShark has ranked Greensboro fifth. It has a housing affordability index of 23%. Greensboro has more precipitation on average than Raleigh and Charolette, but still has over 100 clear days. Greensboro experienced an average of 81 days a year of temperatures dropping below 32 degrees, while 34 days were above 90 degrees.

Columbus, GA, and Mobile, Alabama, were sandwiched between Greensboro and the other two North Carolina cities on the list, taking third and fourth places. Jackson, Mississippi, had the lowest home affordability index. It was ranked seventh overall on PropertyShark’s list.


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