North Carolina wildfire rages on



A growing wildfire in North Carolina has resulted in the closure of Pilot Mountain State Park. The park may remain closed for the duration of this coming week. North Carolina State Parks announced on Twitter. Join the group of supporters of Firsthand Weather!

The Pilot Knob Fire Department said the blaze started on Saturday, November 27. According to NC State Parks, the fire burned nearly 180 acres. The tweet is from the morning of Sunday, November 28, so it is possible that the fire has consumed more hectares. According to ABC15, several agencies responded to the fire in an attempt to bring it under control.

The fire is still burning and is not brought under control in the afternoon of Sunday, November 28.

Unfortunately, the forecast is largely dry for Pilot Mountain, NC this week. Models show no precipitation until Friday for this region. In addition to the dry conditions, temperatures will rise well above average this week for the area from midweek to the end of the week, sometimes accompanied by gusts of wind.

European model precipitation forecast through Friday
Temperature deviation from midweek to end of week average

These conditions will sometimes promote erratic fire growth, and other areas will be in an environment conducive to the initiation and growth of forest fires. Looking ahead, it looks like by the end of the weekend early next week, wetter weather is expected. This will help with burning fires. Join the group of supporters of Firsthand Weather!



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