Precise weather forecast: dry and mild Saturday; two rainy occasions in the coming week



Welcome to the weekend!

Saturday will be dry and balmy with a mix of cloud and sun, although clouds may be more prevalent in the mountains and along the border with North Carolina.

High temperatures will peak in the 1950s in the mountains and in the 1960s elsewhere. A stray reading of 70 degrees or two will be possible.

By tonight we will have clearance throughout the region with troughs mostly in the 1930s, although some lower 40s are possible in parts of the NRV and in Southside.

Clouds will return a bit on Sunday as we can expect mostly partly cloudy skies. We’ll be a bit cooler with peaks lingering in the 1940s in the mountains and the 1950s in the east.

On Monday, a cold front associated with some humidity will enter the region. While most areas will have a chance to rain, not everyone will get wet. The highest probability of rainfall will be west of Blue Ridge. Even there the precipitation should not be too heavy, but whatever rain does fall it will be beneficial. Monday’s highs will rise above normal in the 1950s in the mountains and the 1960s further east.

Tuesday dries up with much cooler temperatures – in the upper 30s in the mountains and in the 40s in the east.

By Wednesday, confidence is growing that the rain may become a bit more widespread in the region. The GFS think everyone should see some rain as the EURO goes on in slightly lighter amounts.

Still, any rain we see will contribute to our dry conditions as will several burn bans – especially in southern and central Virginia where drought conditions are worsening.

At the end of the week, we are drying up as temperatures will moderate a little closer to normal.

If you are planning on going out to decorate or for the Christmas parade in Lynchburg on Sunday you shouldn’t have to worry about the humidity, so make the most of the weather and of course be careful!

Gary Boyer

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