Summer heat poised to challenge long-standing records in the East | Weather alerts


Easterners are about to experience an off-season hot flash that will make them look more like late August or early September.

AccuWeather meteorologists say that the high pressure build-up in the eastern states will allow temperatures to rise to summer levels. Add plenty of sun to the mix and the weather will be rather warm towards the end of the week.

“As a high pressure system begins to move to a position just off the east coast on Friday, it will usher in unusually warm air for mid-October,” said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Carl Babinski.

Cities like Pittsburgh typically register high temperatures around 64-65 degrees Fahrenheit during this time in October. However, by Thursday and Friday, daily high temperatures in Steel City are expected to reach nearly 80 degrees. Thursday’s daily record is 89 F and had already been set in 1930.

Temperatures will generally average 10 to 20 degrees above normal, with some major cities, including Philadelphia, reaching 80 degrees on Friday, Oct. 15, according to Babinski.

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Parts of the eastern United States are expected to reach even warmer temperatures by the end of the week. In Washington, DC, the high forecast is expected to match the daily record high of 87, previously set in 1975. AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures in the nation’s capital on Friday will hover around 90 F.

A little further north, Baltimore is expected to reach 85 degrees on Friday, which is just short of the previous daily high of 89 which dates back to 1989. Hagerstown, Md., Could be close to breaking the daily high of 84 set over a decade ago. ‘a century. in 1915.

Places further south will always have above average temperatures; however, not quite to the degree that the northeast should know. Southern cities are expected to average 5 to 10 degrees above normal by Friday, and some could move a few degrees away from their all-time high. Places such as Charlotte, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, will be within degrees of their daily record high temperatures later this week.

Charlotte is expected to hit 85 on Friday, which would equal a 1950 daily record. Elsewhere in the state, Raleigh could approach the 1985 record of 88 F.

Temperatures across much of the northeast interior will approach seasonal levels over the weekend before the chances of wet weather increase.

This warm air is expected to linger on Saturday when most of the major cities on the east coast reach the 1970s, Babinski said. However, clouds, showers and a thunderstorm associated with a cold front are expected to bring more air. cool Sunday when most temperatures won’t go above the 60s, ”he said.

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Fall foliage is still expected to be vibrant across much of the northeast despite the upcoming change in October temperatures and total precipitation below 20% of their normal amounts.

The US Drought Monitor reports that only about 11% of the northeast experiences abnormally dry conditions and only 3% of the region is considered to experience moderate drought. A few series of rains in September provided abundant moisture to the mid-Atlantic states. With showers and possibly a thunderstorm forecast in the mid-Atlantic states and New England by the weekend, October precipitation totals will have a chance to improve.

With Halloween just over two weeks away, pumpkin carving enthusiasts may want to wait a week or two to set up their pumpkin lantern outside, as unusual heat can accelerate the deterioration of the pumpkin.

Next week should start drier and cooler compared to this weekend as a brief cooling is expected for parts of the east thanks to the passage of a cold front.

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