Super Bowl foods: Domino’s tops pizza chain searches on NC map


Pizza chain Domino's conducted research in <a class=North Carolina ahead of the Super Bowl, officials said.” title=”Pizza chain Domino’s conducted research in North Carolina ahead of the Super Bowl, officials said.” loading=”lazy”/>

Pizza chain Domino’s conducted research in North Carolina ahead of the Super Bowl, officials said.

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As the Super Bowl approaches, pizza is a go-to food for many on game day.

But where do most North Carolina residents get their pizza? Throughout 2021, Domino’s was the most popular search on Google Maps, according to data.

To arrive at the results, Google said it studied the pizza chains that people in each the state watched the most. North Carolina wasn’t the only one interested in Domino’s, which conducted research across the country.

“With all the changes we’ve seen over the past two years, one thing remains constant…people’s love of pizza,” Google wrote in a Feb. 8 blog post. “In fact, the pizza was the most wanted dish on Google Maps each month of 2021 in the United States »

For those planning to serve pizza during the Super Bowl, other staples may be on the sidelines. Buffalo Chicken Dip has led unique game-day research in North Carolina, a year after residents of the state became interested in pigs in a blanket, McClatchy News reported.

Although Domino’s has been the most sought after pizzeria, it may not be where people in North Carolina are heading.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the company Top Data researched cellphone data and found that Little Caesars was the busiest pizza chain in North Carolinas. The brand was a favorite in 24 states even as visits to pizzerias dwindled, McClatchy News reported in August 2020.

This time around, Little Caesars conducted research in two states, while other brands such as California Pizza Kitchen and MOD Pizza topped the list in one state.

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