Thanksgiving chill continues through Friday, the 70s will follow


Morning frost will again be likely in a few places as the last of this three-day cold spell falls on Thursday. Then warmer air arrives for Friday and beyond. The weekend can be split 50/50 between a sunny Saturday and a soggy Sunday.

It will be a little warmer Thursday morning, but frosts are still likely in some areas. Places like Woodbine, Millville and Mullica Township, which were all in the 20s Wednesday morning, will likely be 32 degrees Thursday morning. Other inland spots that were at or just above 32 degrees on Wednesday will be in the mid-30s on Thursday. Meanwhile, the shoreline will be in the 40s.

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A westerly breeze, which was stronger on Wednesday evening, will calm down on Thursday. The cold air will stop coming in and the sun will try to warm us up as much as possible.

Highs will still only reach the upper 50s, nearly 10 degrees below average. However, it will be a little warmer than the past few days with mostly sunny skies. Any fall looks great.

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Thursday night temperatures will drop to between 50 and 40 under clear skies. As winds shift to the southwest overnight, frost is likely in inland areas.

The town of Corbin and rural towns of Pine Barrens will be around 32 degrees with frost. For more populated inland areas, like Mays Landing, lows will be in the 37-degree range just as frost dawns. The shoreline will be in the mid 40’s, safely out of the freeze.

The cold upper low pressure system that was in the Great Lakes and the northeast will retreat quickly across northern Canada on Friday. We won’t get the blast of hot air yet. However, highs will reach over 60s just about everywhere, with seasonal 60s inland.

It will be a star-filled Friday night, without a cloud in sight. The wind will be calm. Temperatures will again fall into the 50s and 40s during the evening. However, we will generally stay in the 40s for the lows. A few towns in Pine Barrens will drop to just below 40. A few coastal towns will be in the 50s. Overall, though, it’s a more seasonal night.

The high will settle off the coast of Nova Scotia on Saturday. The southeast winds will rotate around the clockwise rotation system and as a result we will become very mild. Interior spotlights will be at or just above 70 degrees. The shore will be in the mid 60s. We will also enjoy the sun. The Howl-O-Ween Parade in Ocean City will be great.

Then things go wrong. I will need another forecast column to give you the details. However, a coastal storm will move north from the North Carolina coast.

Scenarios will range from a Sunday collapse into early Monday with gusty winds to cloudy skies. What is known is that sea levels will rise and some coastal flooding looks likely on Sunday or Monday.

High temperatures will depend on what happens. If it’s dry, the highs will be 65-70. If it’s humid, expect 55-60 degrees.


The Global Forecast System (GFS) ensemble model, which takes the run of the main model and adjusts variables to produce a range of results. Numbers in red indicate areas of low pressure. There is a cluster of ensemble members near New Jersey on Sunday evening (00z Monday), indicating decent potential for a coastal storm during this time.


Finally, speaking of cold weather, the National Weather Service has officially considered the end of the growing season in the Interior Ocean, Interior Atlantic, and East Burlington counties in South Jersey. While other areas fell below 32 degrees, the weather service is operating county by county. As a result, frosts were not widespread enough in Cape May and Cumberland counties to end the season.

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