The map shows the 152 happiest cities to visit at Christmas


It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s almost time for winter vacation, including Christmas. And one of the best parts of the holiday season is seeing all the lights, trees, and decorations that people put up to spread goodwill towards men.

But which cities in the United States do the best job of decorating for the holidays? MyDatingAdviser was determined to discover and compile a list of the 152 best Christmas towns across the country.

Each city surveyed was given a score out of 100 based on 21 metrics, which included Christmas activities, weather, travel, accommodation, food and a whole host of other factors. Turns out, if you’re really looking to have a merry Christmas, your best bet is to head to Georgia, which had three of the top 10 cities for Christmas, including the top two.

The south in general had a good performance, with cities in Tennessee and North Carolina appearing in the top 10. If you live on the West Coast, there are plenty of solid options for you as well, with California being the top 10. Oregon and Washington both securing a spot in the top 10 cities.

For the East Coast, it seems Pennsylvania dominates the holiday season, while the Midwest has continued its tradition of being overlooked by having no city in the top 10. Santa Claus’ Indiana Town failed to live up to its name, as it placed 88th. , potentially places its residents on the naughty list of their namesake.

10 best Christmas towns in the United States

  1. Hélène, Georgia
  2. Blue Ridge, Georgia
  3. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
  4. Leavenworth, Washington
  5. New Hope, Pennsylvania
  6. Pine Mountain, Georgia
  7. Ligonier, Pennsylvania
  8. Jacksonville, Oregon
  9. Gatlinburg, Tennessee
  10. McAdenville, North Carolina

You can see the full leaderboard here, as well as specific listings of what you’re looking for when it comes to vacations, including the best cities for Christmas activities, weather, and food.

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