The person was coming back from the birthday party, Google Map drove the car over the broken bridge; deceased


Viral News: Today, Google Map has become everyone’s need. People use it fiercely to go anywhere in the city. Neither the need to ask anyone nor the hassle of finding a way out. Google Maps works on GPS i.e. Global Positioning System. Routes are displayed using the satellite. But sometimes they deceive us too. We continue to read this news every day. But the incident we are going to talk about today is very heartbreaking. A person died due to a bad GPM network.

This sad incident is American. A man was returning from his daughter’s birthday party. Phil Paxson, a father of two, drove at night during the rainy season. He used GPS for navigation. But then the navigation system diverted them in the wrong direction. There were no barricades. The car therefore fell off the broken bridge during the night. And he is dead.

dark night and rain
This incident happened a week ago in the town of Hickory, North Carolina. Paxon’s mother-in-law, Linda McPhee Koenig, shared her family’s loss on social networking site Facebook. Koenig wrote that Phil was getting GPS directions the night of the crash because it was “a dark, rainy night.” According to the Post, the navigation system guided Paxson to a bridge that led to a river. According to Koenig, the bridge collapsed almost ten years ago and no repairs have been made since.

How was the accident?
The mother-in-law claimed the bridge had no signs or safety barriers that could have warned Paxson of the danger. It was an entirely preventable accident, according to the message. We mourn his death.

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