Two North Carolina towns rise to ‘worst hit’ list


This is a list you don’t want to be near the top of. And luckily for North Carolina, we’re not, Orkin’s latest “Failed Towns” list has been released, and Charlotte and Raleigh are pretty low in the rankings. However, both cities have moved up a few places from their rankings last year. Personally, I’ve never seen a rat in those two cities, in fact, the only time I really remember seeing one on the street was in Boston. It’s number 13 on this list. I am leaving soon for New York where there is also a good chance that I will encounter rodents. I always say, I don’t like animals that I don’t expect to see. And I never expect to see a rat.

The list was released by Orkin yesterday, and for the eighth straight year, Chicago takes the top spot. New York came in at number 2 (great) and Los Angeles at number 3. This is a list you should absolutely trust, compiled by experts. Orkin ranked metropolitan areas by the number of new rodent treatments performed from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022. This ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments. Below are the top 10, along with cities from North and South Carolina that made Orkin’s list of most failed cities in 2022.


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