Volvo gives dealers its roadmap for the future of electric vehicles


Future electric vehicles sport a modern interpretation of Volvo’s Thor’s Hammer lighting design. The battery of next-generation electric vehicles will sit under the flat floor, allowing designers to lengthen the wheelbase and create more interior space. The design allows the hood and roofline of the crossover to be lowered to improve aerodynamics without compromising occupant visibility.

The first of the next-generation EVs is a full-size crossover that offers a third row and borrows styling cues from the Concept Recharge prototype. Volvo expects to sell about 20,000 copies of the crossover next year, dealers said.

News of Volvo’s product offensive has started leaking in recent weeks. One of the new vehicles, an electric crossover, with the internal code name V546, is expected in 2025, Automotive News first reported this month. This model will be between the intermediate XC60 crossover and the large XC90 crossover. Global production expectations for the vehicle are said to be around 100,000 vehicles per year, with production in the United States and China.

An all-electric version of the XC60 midsize crossover and a new electric vehicle positioned below the compact XC40 are also in the works, according to AutoForecast Solutions.


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