Weather forecast for Asheville, NC 2021



Photo by @frederic_terral

Hey, Ashevillians – with Winter on my way as long as you want it or not, we couldn’t resist taking a look at some of the major weather trends directed our way. Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center, we know what temperatures and precipitation trends to be expected for Dec, Jan, + Feb. While the exact weather conditions like snowfall usually cannot be predicted more than a week in advance, precise seasonal outlook can help communities be prepared for what winter will bring. Here’s what’s coming to our city:

🌡️ Temperature

Think hot. This winter there is a 40-50% luck that Asheville temperatures will be warmer than normal, perhaps a 50-60% chance.

🌨️ Precipitation

Let it snow. Precipitation levels in Asheville are expected to be around normal.

In the month: December

Asheville’s average low temperature in December is 33.8 ° F, so we might see more days this year closer to the high average temperature – 48.4 ° F – because of the anticipated temperature rise. DYK? December is the rainiest month in Asheville with 3.54 inch over 10 rainy days + snowiest month with 4.21 inch over 2.1 days.

In the month: January

Asheville’s January lows average 27.7 ° F, with highs of 44.1 ° F. January tends to be Coldest month in Asheville, but with the risk of higher temperatures this season we might see warmer days. Bonus: here are the NOAAs winter safety tips. ️

In the month: February

Historically, February gets a bit warmer in Asheville with an average low temperature of 31.6 ° F + a high average temperature of 48.9 ° F, so expect to be closer to these peaks. Fun fact: The average sunshine on a February day in Asheville is 6.9 hours.



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