Weather Log: Frosty mornings, a hint of snow arrives after hottest October in 37 years | Local News


It was Blacksburg’s fourth hottest, dating back to 1893, at 59.5 degrees, behind 62 in 1919, 60.4 in 1984 and 59.8 in 1941.

The October heat wasn’t really due to the summer hanging on for too long or a relapse of summer. He never got past 86 in Roanoke, with seven days going over 80 a little sticky but not particularly extreme. Blacksburg has passed 80 just once.

On the contrary, it just wasn’t cold.

The weather model did not provide the kind of cold, dry blows from Canada or the Arctic that make our temperatures freezing in October.

Without early season air masses from northern latitudes to clear the atmosphere, we are left with the persistent higher dew point issues that have made summer nights considerably warmer in recent years, likely related to the change. climate change on a larger scale.

The end of September and the beginning of October 2020 had such cold blows in the beginning of autumn. This one did not.

While the change in the leaves is not just based on temperature, but also on the length and intensity of sunlight as the days get shorter, that is part of why we are just reaching climax. fall color in the immediate Roanoke area, a little later than we would. be expected historically.

That brief chunk of winter temperatures isn’t this season setting in, or a sudden shift from summer to winter, skipping fall in between. We’ll warm up next week and maybe get another cold snap after that.

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