Weather Log: Summer heat won’t last long here and will help spirited West cool off and get wet | Local News


And for our region, it’s not a life sentence to have sticky weather all fall and winter.

The fresh air building to the west will do a kind of jailbreak by the weekend, with a vigorous cold front crossing.

There could be showers and thunderstorms with its passage on Saturday, followed by strong westerly to northwest breezes and cool temperatures behind it.

Much of our region will be in their 40s by Monday morning – maybe even 30 in the rural valleys. Pumpkin frost is not out of the question to move urban areas away by early next week.

What happened to the rain?

The past week turned into a case where the weather was predicted correctly, but the local weather wasn’t working quite as expected.

A slowly moving upper level low did pretty much what was expected of it, gradually opening up and sliding east. And that pumped a lot of moisture out of our area, manifesting itself as low clouds, drizzle, and early morning fog.

But two things quelled the potential for 1-4 inches of rain along the Blue Ridge and in the Roanoke and New River valleys.

First, the low never aligned in the right way for a persistent southeasterly wind to constantly develop, pushing humidity up against the Blue Ridge. If you recall in May and June 2020, this happened twice with upper level troughs stuck, resulting in downpour days. Not this time.


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