Weather permitting: a wonderful weekend ahead


It took a hurricane to finally eliminate the long-standing rainfall shortage in the Cape Fear area.

Ian’s soaking weekend erased the drought that dated back to mid-spring across the region — almost all of North Carolina, in fact. The only abnormally dry area is now high in the mountains, just at the start of the leaf season.

It will take a few more weeks for peak leaf season to descend into the foothills, but the good news is that it looks like our fall weather will continue at least until then.

Closer to home, we are looking for a glorious, sunny and dry weekend, perfect for outdoor activities.

Here is the setup

Mild high pressure continues to bring sunshine and warmer temperatures to the Carolinas. It will move by the weekend as a cold front approaches.

This front, however, seems dry. In fact, other than a wind shift and a few degrees drop in temperature, you’d be hard pressed to know it even passed through Saturday morning. If you go out late Friday night you might notice a few clouds and a brisk breeze, but Saturday morning things will calm down.

The weekend is shaping up to be stellar for fall activities. The highs will hold in the low 70s, with the lows falling into the mid to upper 40s. Fayetteville will see sunshine and light north to northeast breezes with dew points in the upper 40s.

down the road

Things are looking nice and a bit warmer in the work week. Temperatures will slowly climb back into the upper 70s, perhaps 80 degrees later in the week. There is no indication of rain until another front is expected to arrive, possibly Friday through Saturday.

In the tropics

Potential Tropical Storm 13 has formed just north of Venezuela and is expected to become Tropical Storm Julia over the weekend. It will stay deep in the Caribbean, likely landing in Nicaragua.

Elsewhere, the wave train off the African coast has settled in, at least for a time. Things seem calm.

Enjoy the weekend!

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