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Four days of sunshine are on the way after those heavy downpours and thunderstorms on Monday.

As the all-important 4th of July weekend approaches, expect some rain, but no washed out days.

High pressure will be the name of the weather game until at least Friday. Wherever the high pressure turns clockwise, so will our weather.

On Tuesday, the center of the high will be in the Midwest, bringing northerly winds our way.

On Wednesday it will be centered on the Delmarva Peninsula bringing a westerly wind our way.

For Thursday and Friday, the high will park between Bermuda and North Carolina. This will lead into a choking southwesterly wind.

From there, a cold front will slowly set in. It will keep us in soup but will bring chances of showers and storms.

Returning to Tuesday morning, we will leave with partly sunny skies. Temperatures will start around 60 degrees everywhere.

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We will see more sun coming out as the day progresses as the high pressure flexes its muscles over the area. Dew points will drop into the dry 50s for the day. With high temperatures reaching the mid-70s for the summits, it will feel more like late September than late June across the region.

In the early evening, we will be partly cloudy with a light and variable wind. We will fall into the 70s and 60s until midnight. Overnight we will reach a trough between 60 and 65 degrees.

Temperatures will climb the thermometer a bit on Wednesday as the westerly wind (until the sea breeze kicks in) and the sun work in tandem. Anything and everything outside for the summer looks fantastic.

High temperatures will reach the mid-80s for Egg Harbor City and inland towns. For Holgate, where I was on Monday for an interview on the derecho’s 10th anniversary, and the shore, the cooling sea breeze will keep it in the very comfortable upper 70s.

Wednesday night will copy from Tuesday night. The weather will be mostly clear to partly cloudy. The wind will be light, and we will fall into the 70s and 60s for your evening. Again, overnight lows will be 60-65 degrees.

As the winds shift to the southwest on Thursday and Friday, it will become warmer and wetter. The two days should see morning sunshine mixed with a few fair weather cumulus clouds.

High temperatures on both days will be about the same. For those well inland, it will be in the 90s. Near the Garden State Parkway corridor, it will be in the upper 80s. For the shore, we will go down to around 80.

The feel of the days will be different. You will just feel a touch of humidity on Thursday. Friday will be heavier, however. The heat index will be 90 to 95 everywhere inland on Friday.

This brings us to the big holiday weekend. The weather will be dominated by a slow-moving cold front that will subside across the state.

This will be centered around Saturday to Sunday, although this is subject to change. It doesn’t look like either day will be a washout. At worst, it looks like Saturday night plans could be delayed or canceled by downpours and storms. Torrential rains will be possible.

That should leave Independence Day as a dry day.

Until the cold front passes completely on Sunday, it will be hot and humid. Monday is expected to return to seasonal temperatures with humidity levels quite similar to Tuesday.

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